Sunday, April 26, 2009


OK time to get serious for a bit.

So I'm no chicken little, but I think its time to really consider the possibility that we will be some degree of finito in 2012. You may have heard sensationalistic interpretations of Mayan and Chinese prophesies. Clearly one should take millenia-year old predictions with a grain of salt or two, but the way things are going its not hard to envision some crazy shit happening in the world sometime soon, whether it be war, famine, catastrophic climate change, deathcano, swine flu pandemic, or asteroid kablooie. But I'm not interested in expounding on that here. This is about a kickass trip to live it up before the possible daggering of humanity.

Here's the plan: sometime before December 2012 (I'm thinking late 2011-mid 2012) I'm proposing a spectacular globe-trotting trip to end all trips. All ideas will be fair game, no matter how outlandish. Lets face it, no matter what happens, the clock is ticking on our years of fun. Whatever happens in 2012, I think a kickass trip is in order if only to celebrate the twilight of youth. Even if nothing happens in 2012, it'll be the memory of a lifetime. So its basically a win-win situation. Well OK its not...unless you consider a reign of destruction over the land a winning situation.

So get your bucket lists ready. There will be nothing held back on Apocatrip. We may go to Kilimanjaro. We may go to Everest. We might go to space. There really are no boundaries here. I mean if we're travelled out/broke, we might just hold a month long bacchanalia of merry making and feats of strength in someone's yard.

Finally, in case you think this is all in jest, let me assure you that Apocatrip is a very real and serious idea. If you're interested in submitting meekly to old age and/or impending global upheaval, this will not be for you. If you're interested in meeting these things headlong, get your passport and parachute ready and prepare for glory!


  1. wow..i was thinking of doing something exactly like this......creepy. The only thing on my list so far is to do a quick roadtrip through every U.S. state, then head down to South America starting at Brazil. From there I would head west across the Pacific, stop by Hawaii, then onto Australia, up to Thailand, Japan, China, breeze through India and some middle eastern countries, then to Africa, up to Europe, through Iceland, Greenland, and end it with a bang at my newly acquired Pool/backyard.

  2. Haha Jon, aren't you always thinking of doing something like that?

    Apocatrip sounds epic, I can try to join in for at least a portion of it; though the kind of trip Jon envisions may take years and a massive bankroll.

  3. You mean 1 month and the spare 100's i have in my pocket? I think we should plan 1 scaled-down ApocaTrip every year, just in case the planet explodes before 2012